Faith Kids Choir

This year Avery was old enough to participate in the Faith Kids Choir.  He did so great….. They all did!!!  Avery had his first “speaking” part in front of a crowd –  it was GREAT!!!!They did 3 songs…. One of them was with the lights out and a black light it was awesome!!


My little man is growing up!!!  I can’t believe he is in 3rd grade…. I can’t believe he is old enough to be in choir….I can’t believe he is old enough to have a speaking part in a performance…. Wow!! Where have the years gone?





No. I didn’t do a double post.  Today is Trenton’s birthday!!!  Our little guy is seven years old today!!!! Trenton has a heart for Jesus, will give hugs whenever needed, and wants to be a chef when he grows up!!!



Happy Birthday!!!!  I can’t believe it!!!! My Avery is 9 years old today!!!!  He has grown so much this year!!!  I would have to say that the BIGGEST thing this year for Avery was his baptism. 

We are so proud of our little man.  He is a God seeker, good big brother, a good helper, a question asker. 

Right now Avery is REALLY wanting to be an artists. 





No we haven’t renamed Darro (HA!!).  This week I was blessed to be involved in our church’s (Faith Assembly of God) production of Scrooge.  This is the first bit of acting that I have done  in awhile…. It was tons of fun.  Each night Pastor Larry did an alter call we had about 30 people over the 4 nights give their life to Christ!!!  What a blessing…..

Thanks to my friends and family who came to see the program.  It was WONDERFUL to look out and see you all out there…

Oh, and in case you weren’t there I was the Angel of Christmas Past.

Hope you enjoy the pictures……


An oldie but a goodie!!!!

I know this has been all over but I LOVE THIS!!





My friend Hank Osborne is in a contest and could use your vote.  Check out his blog at  He has everything from the Gingerbread Train (pictured above), to 4 year old biscuts, and even something called poobutter…..and there is more.   If you don’t mind giving a vote go here: and vote for #68

I know he will appreciate the vote!!!


Adrienne Kleeman



On Saturday night we had a bonfire birthday party for Avery and Trenton.  I know, I know their birthdays are almost a month away, but we thought that it would be better to do the party now and avoid the crazy rush around Christmas.  This was the boys first EVER birthday party.  They had a blast.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


A Blog to look at… other than mine.

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The blog above is one I have been reading lately.  I like this woman! 




A little girl…

Its amazing these days….I go to the store to shop for clothing for my little girl and most of the time all I can find is stuff that I wouldn’t even let my dog wear. I am so tired of the hooker style clothing made over for little girls. 
Anyway…. Last week I found this dress for Isabelle.  I LOVE it!!! Its actuallly a dress that says I am a little girl.  Isn’t it cute!!!!
My sweet little girl.

My sweet little girl.


Hi.  On Saturday we took the kids to the Coastal Carolina Fair.  They had alot of fun.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!
On top of the world

On top of the world


Read the sign....

Read the sign....




Isabelle on Dumbo

Isabelle on Dumbo


Avery is climbing on up....

Avery is climbing on up....

Watch out they spit.

Watch out they spit.

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